Insignia, Decorations and Medals

Insignia, Decorations and Medals

Insignia, Decorations and How to Wear

Insignia (medals and decorations) presented to Recipients can be worn on certain occasions or when the dress code permits. 

The wearing of Insignia differs depending on the dress code of the occasion and the number of awards held by an individual. Guidance on how to wear Insignia is outlined on the information card inside each Insignia presentation box.

Returning of Insignia

The majority of Insignia is the property of the Recipient for their lifetime and beyond. There is no need to return it to the Central Chancery. However, there are a few occasions when the Insignia should be returned to the Secretary. These are:- 

  • On promotion within the same Division of an Order (for example from an CBE to a DBE)
  • On the death of a Recipient of the highest grades within an Order. The 'How to Wear' card inside the Insignia box will state if the award should be returned to the Central Chancery. 

Replacement Insignia

Replacement Insignia is only permissible to awards which have been lost due to theft or fire and at the request of the Recipient only. Please write to the Central Chancery in the first instance with information relating to the loss via email